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Web Accessibility Company | Canadian Business Automation & Online Solutions | Canadian Business Automation & Online Solutions
Audit of website to identify and resolve and enhance accessibility for people with disabilities and enabling your users to have a better experience of your web presence
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At CBAOS, we conduct accessibility audits on your website which helps your users to have better visibility, compliance, and overall performance. Our website accessibility audits also makes it easier to identify the areas hurting the accessibility of your company’s website and provides a guide for the elements to be improved.
Accessibility Audits Are Vital
‘Accessibility’ refers to the ability of people to access something (can be a place, service, or product) regardless of their physical or mental condition. So ‘website accessibility’ means making sure that everyone, including those with disabilities, are able to log on and use your site with ease.

It is important that the internet as a whole is accessible by people with disabilities too. By making your website more user-friendly to, you can also increase your audience and better adhere better to web design, usability, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. Our team at CBAOS have the experience in Application Security Assessment, Advanced Security Assessments, Incident Response Services and Website Accessbility Audits and Services with all industries like Education, Energy, Finance, Fintech, Government, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Nonprofit, Property, Retail, Technology, Transport.

Common accessibility mistakes on a website include ineffective translation processes, choosing style over functionality, and failing to comply with governmental policies relating to web accessibility like AODA.

Our team at CBAOS conduct accessibility audits in an effective way to identify and resolve any existing issues with your website. This facilitates your users to have a better experience and also your organization’s internet presence exists without any legal issues.

Web Accessibility Toolbar
The Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT) has been developed to aid manual examination of web pages for a variety of aspects of accessibility. … The toolbar provides easy access to functionality to: identify components of a web page and provide access to alternate views of page content.

How to Conduct an Accessibility Audit on Your WordPress website