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Keep your vehicles running safe with a brake inspection from Seven Oaks Transmission. Brake maintenance is one of the most important factors ensuring the safety of your vehicle, and it’s essential to appreciate the many moving parts that make up your brake system.

Brake Repair Winnipeg
Warning Signs
Warning Signs
The brake dashboard light glows amber or red, brake pedal feels spongy, brake pedal presses closer to the floor than usual squeaky, grinding noise is heard, and/or the vehicle pulls to one side when the brakes are applied.

Brake Parts
Your braking system is a complex assembly of mechanical, electronic and hydraulic components which uses friction to slow and stop a moving vehicle. When the brake pedal is applied, the pressure on the brake pedal moves a piston in the master cylinder, forcing the brake fluid from the master cylinder through the brake lines and flexible hoses to the calipers and wheel cylinders. The force applied to the brake pedal produces a proportional force on each of the pistons.

The calipers and wheel cylinders contain pistons, which are connected to a disc brake pad or brake shoe. Each output piston pushes the attached friction material against the surface of the rotor or wall of the brake drum, thus slowing down the rotation of the wheel. When pressure on the pedal is released, the pads and shoes return to their released positions. This action forces the brake fluid back through the flexible hose and tubing to the master cylinder.

Brake Parts
Disc Brakes
Disc Brakes
Disc Brakes are comprised of a disc (rotor), a caliper assembly, and pads. The caliper is connected to the master cylinder through tubes, hoses and valves that conduct brake fluid through the system.

Drum Brakes
Drum Brakes are comprised of a drum and backing plate, a hub or axle assembly, brake shoes, and wheel cylinder. The wheel cylinder is connected to the master cylinder through tubes, hoses and valves that dispenses brake fluid through the system.