What is Patta Chitta and How Can I Apply Online For It?

Detailed Information

Patta is an important document containing information on rights, ownership system, and burdens available on the e-Services TN website at eservices.tn.gov.in.
Patta Chitta Document is a combination of two different documents, Patta and Chita, which perform two different functions but are attached for the purpose of facilitating the compiler of information online.
From 1979 to 1986, the U.T.R. was deployed across Tamil Nadu on a large scale by regularising and reserving the land title deeds that were found manually, visiting all the village lands (except natham lands), and conducting a direct field investigation (just as the work of dividing the documents in the house as necessary and unnecessary and subordinating ours to that of others) was carried out on a large scale.
They gave it a register and loaded it into the computer.
That is to say, from the time the manual documents were computerized till now, we have been using it as a patta document. ·
Now all of this has been loaded online.
Select ‘Taluk’ and ‘Village’ from the drop-down box. In the ‘Use Patta / Chitta’ bar, select the ‘Patta Number’ or ‘Survey Number’ option.
If the ‘Survey Number’ option is selected in the ‘Using View View Picture / Cita’ bar, enter ‘Survey Number’ and ‘Sub Category Number’.
If ‘Patta Number’ is selected in the ‘Try Patta / Cita’ bar, enter ‘Patta Number’.
Click the ‘Enter authentication value’ and ‘Submit’ button.
For verification purposes, keep a photocopy of the sale deed with the original.
Encumbrance Certificate and Tax Receipt
A copy of one’s E Bill and a completed Patta transfer application form
Electricity bill photocopies
It should be noted that when submitting a Patta Chiita application, the Tamil Nadu government may request extra papers. You may require documentation such as:
Identification and proof of residence

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