What Is FAR Full Form And How To Calculate?

Detailed Information

The floor area ratio calculates the entire area. Non-occupancy areas such as basements, parking garages, stairways, and elevator shafts are excluded from the square footage calculation.Buildings with multiple floors may have the same floor area ratio value. Each city has a well-defined capacity or a limited space that can be safely used. The floor area ratio varies as development patterns and construction activities vary and the nature of the land or site on which a building is placed varies.The land area ratio is an important determining factor in every country. Generally, the real estate industry increases the floor area to open up space and land resources for developers.Land area ratios are used by local governments to divide land into zones to control urban density. This ratio limits not only the density of the building but also the number of people allowed in the building without restrictions on the external shape of the building.

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