What Are The Functions Of the Revenue Department

Detailed Information

The Revenue department administers, controls and regulates the activities and functions relating to land and land revenue.
It ensures that the land records are properly kept and land revenues are collected and also ensures correct tax is paid on time.
These activities are carried out in accordance with the Item 18 and Item 45 of the second list ( State list ) of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India.
And also in accordance with the Land revenue code and other related laws and enactments.
Now, the new subject of disaster management is added to the list of functions of the revenue department.
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Maintenance of land records.
Administration of Land reforms.
Formulation of govt land settlement policy.
Land requisition and acquisition.
Organize relief operations on account of natural calamities.
The department administers, controls and maintains the state calamity relief fund.
Through this fund the revenue department provides financial assistance and relief to the people affected by the natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones and storms.
The survey, settlement and record operations.
Collection, compilation and publication of statistics relating to land and agriculture.
Supervised, direction and implementation of land reform measures.
Work relating to the payment of compensation.
Administrationof land ceiling Act.
Land acquisition work.

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