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VP Security Solutions is a leading one-stop shop when it comes to security systems. Regardless of whether you want to protect a home or business, VP Security Solutions have got customized solutions to meet any and every need.

VP Security Solutions Pty Ltd. want our customers to have peace of mind, which is why we place so much importance on the quality of our service and products. Not only do we work closely with our customers and learn about their needs, but we use top quality surveillance cameras and CCTV systems so that should footage need to be reviewed it will provide clear images. We can even scale the storage available for the footage, so it is possible to have for a few days for up to two weeks and even longer

Our staff is knowledgeable and once the right security system package has been put together, we send out experienced and trained professionals to install it. Thanks to their expertise, your home or office security system will be up and running in a short time.

Since we are confident in our alarms, surveillance and CCTV systems and our installation, we even have a lifetime warranty on every system installed. Once it is active, we make sure that our customers understand their new security system and have all the assistance they need should any problems arise in the future. We are proud to be part of the community and want to make sure it is as safe and secure as possible.

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