UDS Full Form And How To Calculate UDS?

Detailed Information

UDS Full Form Is Undivided Share Of Land. When you buy an apartment, you generally buy two things. They are the built-up area and the proportional area of the built-up land.
The buildings are occupied by the owners. The share of land allotted to the buyer of the flat in an apartment is called an undivided land share or UDS. The price of land is increasing day by day.
Having UDS in the owner’s name also increases the investment in the flat. Your flat has no boundaries but shares. Shared areas include corridors, stairs, lobbies, parking, and gardens.
The cost of an apartment consists of two important components – land and building. The cost of land is the undivided share of the building.
In a few years, the building may be renovated or demolished by the government, when the property owners will receive compensation based on the undivided land in their name.
If the builders provide you with a car parking space, they will be included in your UDS. If the landowners do not own their share of undivided land, they cannot sell the property or make a profit.
An undivided share is an individual owner’s share of land in a jointly owned property.

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