Tea Association of India

Detailed Information

Tea Association of India is predominantly an Association of North Indian tea producers in the organized sector of the Indian Tea Industry. The Main Committee, elected from amongst the members, is the Governing Body of the Association that decides on the Policy matters. The honorary Office-bearers are the President, the Senior Vice-President and the Vice-President. There are also different Sub-committees for North Bengal, Assam and Cachar as well as for Labour, Finance & Taxation and Marketing headed by their respective Chairmen.
• The Office is manned by Secretarial employees who are the paid Officers of the Association. The team comprises of the Secretary-General and other Officers with special discipline.
• The Association has up-country offices in the tea growing districts in North India situated at Guwahati, Jorhat, Tezpur, Tinsukia and Silchar in Assam and Dooars and Siliguri in North Bengal. These Offices are run by the respective Secretaries, who primarily deal with Industrial Relations, but also rise to the occasions on behalf of Members on any issue ranging from Law & Order, Electricity, Land etc. These Offices render services mostly related to labour issues and liaise with various Government Departments for their members within their respective jurisdiction on a day to day basis.
• Besides being the favourite beverage of India, tea has numerous health benefits. Tea is consumed in every weather. This shows how big is the tea industry in India that made India to be the second-largest producer of tea in the whole world.
• Some types of teas are consumed for better health like green tea and herbal tea. Nowadays Indian tea companies are focusing on that fact and has created several types of teas to fulfill various needs.
Top health benefits
• Prevent rusting
The presence of antioxidants in tea especially in white tea makes it a more healthy drink than other types of teas. The antioxidant helps to prevent rusting in our body which helps us in looking young and it prevents the harmful effects of pollution. This is why the tea industry in India has started focusing on the healthy benefits of tea.
• Energy booster
Tea contains caffeine which helps in refreshing your mood. Green tea has a very small amount of caffeine present in it. This helps in boosting your energy level. Indian tea companies are now incorporating this positive side of tea in their advertisement to spread it more among the public.
• Better mental health
Several studies have shown that if you drink tea regularly then it does protect you from mental disorders like anxiety and negative thoughts. Daily intake lowers the risk of various neurological problems. Green tea has proven its beneficial effects on our health.

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