PUF Wall Panels in Tamilnadu

Detailed Information

PUF (Polyurethane Foam) wall panels are widely used for thermal insulation and soundproofing purposes in various industries and applications. In Tamil Nadu, there are several manufacturers and suppliers of PUF wall panels that offer a range of products to meet different needs and specifications.
The PUF wall panels are an example of contemporary building technology and are employed in a variety of construction projects alongside more conventional building supplies including wood, steel, and concrete. It is utilised in numerous settings, including factories, airports, exposition centers, cold storage facilities, large plants, and warehouses.
These panels are lighter and more portable than the conventional cement panels while also being more durable. These sandwich PUF panels have a core filled with polyurethane foam to achieve good R-values and have relatively thin profiled metal sheets for the outside and interior facings.

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