Latest Modern Pooja Room Design Ideas in 2024

Detailed Information

Traditionally the pooja room design is a sacred space designated for meditation found in every Indian home. No Indian household is complete without this pooja half. It is recommended to place this place of worship in the northeast corner of the house when designing it according to Vastu. It is a place filled with positivity, faith, and divinity. While designing this room important factors like Vastu direction, size of space, location of mantra, style, and material should be considered. Also in that room, There will be one or more idols. A blowtor, a bell, a diya, and a Dakshina are must-haves in this room. The owners of each house can place their favorite idol in a sitting or standing position.Adding a gold or silver frame to the images of deities can give a rich look to your pooja room design.

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