Latest 10 Staircase Designs For Your Home

Detailed Information

A straight staircase design with a curve is called an L-shaped staircase design. It is also called a quarter-turn staircase because the landing is close to the top and bottom. This L-shaped staircase is usually 90 degrees. This design is very simple and suitable for home staircase design in India. There is. These give our home good beauty and privacy and they require less space to set up. They are suitable for homes with children and adults.The U-shaped staircase design is suitable for large houses. These two parallel staircases are connected by 180-degree turn lending. This staircase is also called a switchback stair design.It is very easy to add them to the architectural plan. This staircase can create a focal point. This type of staircase gives good beauty and luxury.These U-shaped staircases offer a beautiful and efficient way to connect two floors in a small space. They usually have a narrow design and require less space.

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