How To Apply For A Residential Certificate Online?

Detailed Information

A Residential certificate is a very important document for you if you are a resident of the Indian state. It is a legally binding document. It is expected everywhere from educational institutes to workplaces and government grants officers. If you are planning to apply for this certificate then see below its purpose, eligibility criteria, validity, etc.A residential certificate is an important document that confirms your permanent residence at an address. A residence certificate plays a very important role in applying for government jobs, government grants, educational institutions, and identity documents. This certificate is issued by government officials like Tahsildar, Revenue Officer, and Sub Divisional Officer in India. These play an important role in the incentives and scholarships implemented. It is given to those who are born in the respective state. It is valid until one chooses their permanent residence and is valid there even if one goes abroad for their studies and work.

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