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Load cell Manufacturers
We are one of the top load cell manufacturers in Bangalore. We supply load cells all over India. We have
almost 30+ years of load cell manufacturing experience. Our engineers designed and developed load
cells and other transducers based on customer requirements. If you need a load cell with specific
applications meet with our experts and discuss product design, they will identify the needs for your
We are specialization in load cell design and manufacture. The structure of load cells is very simple in
design and compact. Mechanical and other properties of load cells are completely tabulated. We offer
complete measurement system features with load cells. We are giving accurate measurement,
mechanical and electrical specification results. Our main goal will be an accurate measure of force in
tension, compression, and other load cells. Our load cells are designed as many shapes, outside shape of
our load cells like square, rectangular, circular, and many other geometrical shapes based on customer
We are here to help you the better measurement results, we use our knowledge to provide solutions
regarding measurement data and other measurement analyses. The objective is to assist clients with
improving estimations which can have the effect between success or failure of ordinary innovation.
Load cells are not known generally, but they are the hidden component behind things we utilize every
day such as retail gauging scales, goods vehicle weighbridge, and airport bag checks. Any place load cells
are utilized it is significant that they are appropriate for the work and that they are reliable and accurate
to find out the slight change in measurements.
We are manufacturing types of load cells in our industry such as
1. Load Cell
2. Weight transducers
3. Dynamometer Load Cell
4. Weighing Indicators
5. Tension Load Cell
6. Compression Load Cell
7. Pan Cake Load Cell
8. Web tension Load Cell
9. Cantilever Load Cell
10. Plumber Block Load Cell
11. Pressure Transducers
12. Aircraft weighing Kit
13. Portable Weighing Pad
14. Clutch Pedal Force Meter etc

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