N2 - The Next-Generation Blockchain Banking Platform

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With the Covid-19 pandemic still prevailing across the globe, the availability of new ICO projects is still a question. Currently, there are only a few best ICOs in 2021 that have a future vision and better scope. N2 Coin is one of the active ICOs recommended for crypto investors.

One Solution to Many Problems:
N2 will act as a financial platform for users to do banking and crypto services in one place. Users will be able to make payments, convert fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies, perform international transactions, and more. All these activities will be done using N2 Coin, a multi-purpose cryptocurrency that drives the N2 platform.

N2 will also provide a robust blockchain-powered platform with which banks & financial institutions can easily shift to blockchain transformation. The blockchain banking platform will have all the blockchain technology attributes, such as decentralization, distribution, immutability, security, and consensus.

N2 Blockchain Banking Platform:
• Banks and financial organizations will be able to offer more payment opportunities to their customers, along with lowered processing fees, quick settlements, and enhanced security.
• Blockchain is capable of storing and keeping all information safe. There will be no need for third-party organizations to process and store data, which will reduce huge management costs.
• With smart contracts, the credit bureau can easily evaluate the credit report of all customers. This helps banks to provide loans quickly to eligible customers with less documentation.
• Managing the securities, assets, and bonds is no more a hassle. Financial institutions can utilize the blockchain to eliminate the current instabilities and save more on global trade processing.
• Banks can save millions of dollars spent yearly on managing & auditing accounts. Blockchain ledgers are easy to maintain, and also smart contracts will take care of the auditing process.

N2 Multi-purpose Hybrid Platform:
• Users of the N2 platform will get a universal account to avail of the various financial services, such as payments (bills & Point of Sales), cross-border transactions, global trading, and more.
• They will also be in possession of a multi-cryptocurrency wallet integrated into the N2 account. This crypto wallet is secured by multi-factor authentication and will store N2 Coins.
• Users will have the option to transfer funds to international N2 accounts at extremely low transaction fees. Unlike traditional methods, the funds will be settled using 2-way communication.
• Crypto users can submit their stable coins or other cryptocurrencies as collateral to get crypto loans. N2 utilizes smart contracts-based credit analysis to filter the eligible customers.

ICO Details:
• Public Sale Price: 1.5 USD
• Ticker: N2C
• Project Start: October 2020
• Project End: December 2022
• Softcap: $500,000,000 M USD
• Hardcap: $1,000,000,000 B USD
• Minimum Buy: 200 N2C
• Accepted Payments: BTC, ETH, & USDT
• Tokens for Public Sale: 1,500,000,000