How to speak English Confidently

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“ Self confidence is a super power.

Once you start to believe in yourself,

Magic starts happening.”


Learning English language is not a challenge, but speaking it with other English speakers without the fear of being judged is. No matter what you read, how many grammar rules you study – Speaking in English is a catalyst to everything that you do.


Some people carry confidence by birth, while some need to acquire it. And this can only happen when you start doing things that you fear. For instance, you want to learn swimming & you know you are scared of drowning. Do you think this can help you to  become a fine swimmer?


Never !


Similarly, you can confidently speak in English when you speak in English more. Speaking in different situations & constantly pushing yourself to speak in English is itself challenging. But by following these steps, you can do it more easily and confidently.


  • You are not blundering by making mistakes.


Some English learners are so embarrassed by their mistakes that once they make a mistake, they stop speaking in English. Despite already knowing the fact that English is not your native language . And only by years of practice,you can master it. 


Late – life – learners improve through mistakes. Learning from mistakes will improve your memory for the right information. Mistakes teach you what is not right & encourage new ways of thinking and doing.


Whenever you sense that you are making mistakes, find out where you are making maximum mistakes & start working on that. Bits by bits – working everyday will make you perfect one day. 


  • Do you talk fast  ?


What happens when you speak fast, especially in a language where you know limited words & vocabulary. You lose & skip words and find it hard to frame the sentences. There is a probability of making a lot of mistakes. So to refrain from all these situations, speak slowly. Feeling relaxed and controlled while speaking in English can enhance your vocabulary & help the listener to understand you better,


  • Mingle yourself in conversations.


Imagine yourself surrounded by a group of people who are speaking in English. And you decide to keep mum because your English is not as fluent as theirs. These are the times when you must escape from your comfort zones and participate in the conversation. You don’t need to speak a lot but exchange your ideas & opinions by using simple English words that you are confident in. Listen to other English speakers & learn how they express themselves. Have takeaways from each conversation.


  • Speak in English EVERYDAY. 


You learn & you don’t speak. This is the reason you are still not confident. Confidence comes with Practice. Now you may say that you don’t have an environment to practice speaking in English. You don’t have people around you to speak in English. There are a lot of English Conversation platforms with the help of which you can continue your daily practice. Speaking in English should be a habit and not an option. You don’t have to sit with tons of books and put your head into it. All you need to do is find an English speaking partner and speak to them daily. 


  • Tell yourself “ I will become better everyday”


Many English learners expect early results. You read all the grammar rules. And boom ! 

You become a fluent English speaker. There is no magic wand existing on the planet that can do that. Years of practice can help you master fluency in English. 


Practice English daily, learn new vocabularies by reading good books & engross yourself in activities that can help you become a fluent English speaker. If you want someone who can correct all your mistakes, inculcate confidence & motivate you to speak in English – Download Engvarta App.


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Yes, it’s daily !