Investor Series: Opportunities in Women’s Digital Health market Analysis and Trends by 2022-2035

Detailed Information

The growing popularity of digital solutions has enabled the development of technological remedies, such as mobile apps, software, wearable devices and diagnostic tools that exclusively aid in improving female health and wellness.

Owing to the increased adoption rate of digital solutions and rise in the demand for remote healthcare services, the companies involved in the women’s digital health domain have witnessed a surge in the investment activity. Further, taking into consideration both the historical and modern scenarios, we expect the women’s digital health market to offer numerous lucrative investment opportunities.

The financial opportunity within the women’s digital health market has been analyzed across the following segments:
 Type of Solution
 Applications / Software
 Devices
 Services

 Therapeutic Application Area
 Fetal Health
 General Wellness
 Menstrual Cycle
 Pelvic Care
 Reproductive Health / Fertility

 Key Geographical Regions
 North America
 Europe
 Asia-Pacific
 Latin America
 Middle East and North Africa

 The Investor Series: Opportunities in Women’s Digital Health Market, features detailed profiles of the key public ventures engaged in the development of women’s digital health solutions; each profile features a brief overview of the company, details on its management team, insights from its balance sheet (if available), details on its product / service portfolio, recent developments and key financial details (including company investment highlights, company fundamental and company technical analysis). A detailed analysis of the women’s digital health funding and women’s digital health investment activity that has taken place, since 2011.

Table of Contents

Excel Deliverables
1. Innovators and Product Dataset

2. Funding and Investment Analysis

3. Fundamental and Technical Financial Analysis

4. Market Forecast and Opportunity Analysis

5. Return on Investment

PowerPoint Deliverable
1. Context

2. Project Objectives

3. Project Approach

4. Executive Summary

Section I: Introduction to Women’s Digital Health Solutions and Innovator Landscape
5. The Women’s Digital Health Market

6. Women’s Digital Health: Innovator Landscape

7. Women’s Digital Health: Product Landscape and Company Health Indexing

8. Value Proposition Analysis

9. Company Competitiveness Analysis

Section II: Analysis of Investments
10. Funding and Investment Analysis

Section III: Financial Analysis of Key Public Ventures
11. Financial Analysis of Public Ventures

12. Company Profiles of Public Ventures

Section IV: Market Forecast and Opportunity Analysis
13. Market Forecast and Opportunity Analysis

Section V: Key Acquisition Targets, Business Risk Assessment and Return on Investments
14. Key Acquisition Targets

15. Business Risk Assessment

16. Return on Investments

17. Conclusion

18. Appendices

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