How to Use Clotrimazole?

Detailed Information

Clotrimazole is an antifungal medication. It prevents yeast infections of the mouth and throat in adults and children. It’s used to treat fungal skin infections with symptoms like burning, itching, and discharge. The primary action of it is against dividing and growing organisms by destroying their cell membrane. This is effective against Trichophyton species which cause ringworm infection, lock itch, and athlete’s foot.

How Long Should You Apply It?
• Do not stop the treatment on your own.
• You should not use Clotrimazole online if you are allergic to it.
• Consult your healthcare expert if you have ever liver disease.
• If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, let your expert know.

How to Use Clotrimazole Online:
Wash and gently dry the infected area then apply the medicine.

If you Missed a Dose?
•Take the dose as soon as possible, but if your next dosage is approaching, avoid the missed dose.
•Do not combine two doses at once.

If You Overdose?
•Seek emergency medical attention.

Adverse Reactions of Clotrimazole Medicine:
• Abnormal liver function
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Itching
• An unpleasant sensation in the mouth.

The Patient Should Avoid if:
• Use the medication for the full treatment time even though the symptoms may have improved.
• There is no improvement after 4 weeks of therapy,

contact with them.
• Inform your healthcare expert if the area of application shows signs of increased irritation (redness, itching, burning, blistering, swelling, oozing) indicative of possible sensitization.
• Avoid sources of infection or reinfection.

Safety Precautions:
• Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying the cream.
• If you’re using the cream to treat an infected foot, make sure your feet, especially between your toes, are fully dry before applying it.
• Buy Clotrimazole online and apply it thinly and evenly and rubbed gently onto the affected areas two or three times a day.

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