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Varshil Packaging is a leading manufacturer of specialized films and label stock in India. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including label stock, release liners, surface protection film, self-protective film, adhesive film, poly film, milk film, and agricultural mulch film. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and highly skilled professionals are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. like Pharma & Medical, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Electronics & Durables, Transport & Logistics, Advertisement & Signage, Liquor & Beer, Lubricants & Oils, Food & Beverages, Offset & Digital Printing Sheets, Retail & Branding Solutions etc. Release Liner have a big impact in many ways throughout our daily lives. Our silicone release paper keeps fresh and tacky a wide variety of adhesives. While normal paper bonds to adhesives, our release paper is specially designed to be easy to pull away, without the risk of it falling off on its own. Basic properties of silicone, this release paper sticks to the adhesives without fusing. Just a little pressure is enough to pull away the coated paper from its adhesive, and the adhesive remains tacky and fresh for its required application of product. We provide solvent less silicone coating with platinum catalyst coated release paper can be made with one side coated (C1S) and two side coated (C2S) comes in various types of release, thicknesses, sizes, colour and more. This Paper can convert it into sheets, rolls and die-cuts, and can also offer them with printed or non-printed back-sides as per requirement raised.

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