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Hindustani classical music is not just an art; it is a path which connects its listeners and practitioners to the glory of sanctity. The treasury of Indian cultural heritage describes the purity of the tradition held by Indian classical music classes in Bangalore. The performing art is one of the oldest forms, which is influenced by the Vedas and other esteemed musical traditions and philosophies. The prime features of Hindustani classical music revolve around the integrity of Raag, and the positions of the notes (swars). The rendition encompasses the diligence of the emotion which is to be expressed by the raag. It is all about creating positive vibes! The authentic classical vocal musical classes in Bangalore styles are Dhrupad and Khayal. To add on, they spread their wings across a range of semi-classical styles like Ghazal, Dadra, Chaiti, Tumri, Kajri, Bhajan and the list continues. The rendition is further ornamented with murki, andolan and gamak. The resonating voice synchronizes with shruthi (scale) and rhythm (taal) to transcend the listeners deep into tranquility. Sangeet Sadhna welcomes all those who are looking for the best place to join vocal music classes in Bangalore. It teaches them the arts of music and makes them professional singers.

The classical music heritage of India is over 3000 years old /with its origins in the oldest of Indian scriptures, the Vedas. It has been kept alive over the centuries and has reached us today through the sacred Guru-Shishya Parampara.
The purpose of Indian classical music has been to lead the musician and the listener into the depths of their being, to experience the divinity that resides within. Every note in Indian classical music is self-luminous, glowing with a light of its own. And has the potential to give us a glimpse of our own inner light.

Sangeet Sadhana strives to preserve the integrity of Hindustani classical music. Nurturing the tradition and culture of performing arts, we aim to propagate the true authenticity of classical music to the present and the future generations. Spreading the joy of music, Sangeet Sadhana envisions bringing many more such aspiring musicians into the limelight. We take the responsibility of establishing the grace of classical music in the hearts of every music lover. We live the echoes of musical vibes, assimilating socio-cultural changes. The school shall continue to preserve and elevate the priceless heritage to the next level.

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