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Laser Optical Engineering Ltd (LOE) specialise in the development of innovative and bespoke laser based imaging products and services. LOE works with various industries, including aerospace, maritime, nuclear, transport and communications along with various research institutions.

Laser technology has become increasingly important in commercial applications but laser radiation can be hazardous to human health
Laser technology has become increasingly important in various fields, such as medicine, industry, research, and entertainment. However, laser radiation can be hazardous to human health, and its misuse can result in injuries and property damage. For this reason, it is essential to follow laser safety guidelines and standards to ensure the protection of people and the environment. The British Standard BS EN 60825 is one of the critical standards that provide guidelines for laser safety. Therefore, there is an absolute need for laser safety, interlock systems, safety cabinets, and compliance with British Standard BS EN 60825.

BS EN 60825 is a British Standard that provides guidelines for laser safety. The standard applies to all laser products, including laser pointers, laser pens, and laser equipment used in medical, industrial, and research settings. The standard covers various aspects of laser safety, such as hazard classification, labelling, and user training. The latest version of the standard, BS EN 60825-1:2014, was published in 2014.

Interlock systems are an essential component of laser safety measures. They are designed to prevent the laser from operating if specific safety conditions are not met. Interlock systems can be mechanical or electrical, and they can be built into the laser product or the laser control system.

Laser safety cabinets are specialised enclosures designed to provide a safe environment for laser systems. They are designed to contain laser radiation and prevent it from escaping into the surrounding area. Laser safety cabinets are typically used for high-power laser systems or for systems that pose a high risk of injury or damage.

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