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EZ is a Global Business Support Service Provider that has disrupted the traditional industry through innovation and integration of AI to modernize existing workflows and processes. EZ offers multiple services under Language Translation, Presentation Design, Graphic Design, Research & Analytics, Audio-Visual Production and Data Processing.

In a fantastic film called Philadelphia, Denzel Washington plays the role of a lawyer. What is striking about that character is that every time he interacts with his clients to understand their cases, he says, “Explain it to me like I am a five-year-old”. This instruction not only brings out complex information in the most simple ways but also somehow makes the audience a participant in that interaction. So, when we are asked what EZ is and what it does, we’ll take inspiration from Washington’s character and break it down in the simplest form.

Our founder, during his years at McKinsey, found himself in a situation that most executives do. He discovered that with growing work pressure, the tactical bandwidth is exhausted. You have practically little time to do basic yet necessary things such as create a presentation, do market research, etc. He realized that no support system could take these essential tasks off of him. It is in such a situation that EZ was conceptualized.

The brand has created its niche not only in the employment of advanced technology but also in the realm of innovation without compromising on the quality of its product. We understand the challenges and requirements of our clients better than the others precisely because our inception was a result of those challenges. And to address those, we boast of having a wide range of services and their respective experts from all across the globe; experts that are not only well informed about their local and regional spheres but are well acquainted with the global trends, requirements, and expectations. We call ourselves globally local. A capacious variety of people on board gives EZ the panoramic perspective one needs today to stand out in the crowd. And the thread that holds this all together, irrespective of different time zones and physical locations is our constant endeavor to deliver only the best.

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