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Ex Gurkha Khukuri House also known as “EGKH” in short is the finest and largest maker of handmade traditional and modern khukuris in the world today. Khukuri is also called “Kukri” or “Khukri” by most people outside of Nepal. There are also other terms like the Gurkha Blade & Gurkha Knife used to refer to the Khukuri. These genuine knives are the real thing when it comes to chopping, cutting, slicing, hacking, etc.

Ex Gurkha Khukuri House is proud to have supplied the British Army’s Gurkha regiments with the many khukuris that they use in both military drills, training & active-duty worldwide. They are a pretty useful household tool as much as a military knife. We supply khukuris to Pakistan, the United States, the German embassy, and diversified forces of the military, police & commercial security agencies in and outside of Nepal.

Each of our knives is handcrafted one at a time by Kaamis (Singular: Kaami; Nepalese blacksmiths) who mostly belong to the “Bishwaskarma” caste. The Bishwakarmas are an ethnic community of craftsmen in Nepal who are the borne khukuri makers and have been forging khukuris & knives for many generations. These people use high-quality materials & traditional forging methods to craft a khukuri with the help of traditional hand tools. By using some modern & mostly centuries-old techniques that have been passed on to the newer generations of Nepalese blacksmiths each khukuri takes several Kaamis a whole day to finish by hand. The khukuri being durable, useful & quite affordable at the same time became one of the very best blades in the field of handmade knives. We offer a wide range of blades with over 300 separate items ranging from decorative, souvenir, traditional, military & pocket knives, to the finest custom, high grade & heavy-duty khukuris.

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