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3RZeroWaste® was founded with a clear belief to do things differently when it comes to Waste Management. We saw a wonderful opportunity for the over 1.8 Billion tons of Waste lying in India since Independence and 80 Million Tons being generated every year, most of which is being landfilled or burned.

We want to reduce this pile of waste by reusing it as an alternative to fossil-based feedstock. By doing so, 3RZeroWaste® strongly contributes to the Circular Economy and improves the environmental footprint by saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. It also responds to the needs of consumers and brand owners who increasingly call for sustainable products. We are fully committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG 2030.

Consider an example of cooking vegetables where people usually throw out the peels or the non-edible parts of the veggies in dustbins. But instead of throwing it out, if people bury those peels and the non-edible portion of the veggies in the soil of their garden or small pot, it will be a part of the composting process. The compost will provide fertility to the soil and aid in the conservation of nature. This is a true example of zero waste management, where the waste is used up by nature. This created an absolute absence of waste products.

It was a small example. Millions of waste products are produced daily in various industries and companies. In such a scenario, they need waste management systems to reduce the production of waste products.


Zero Waste Management works on three principles-

These three principles are interrelated with each other. It is essential to reduce the usage of harmful products and encourage the usage of eco-friendly materials. The products should be reused repeatedly until their last level to reduce wastage. It reduces the production of greenhouse gasses in the following ways-

Maximum Recycling of products- Waste Management Recycling is one of the critical features of transforming waste or garbage into valuable products.
Minimizing the production of waste products from the resources.
Reducing the consumption of products in excess amounts (Consumption of products only as much required).
Focussing on 3Rs, i.e., reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Purchasing sustainable and eco-friendly products.
Eliminating the requirements of landfills and incinerators.
Reducing the consumption of energy in terms of various processes like extraction and transportation of raw materials.

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