Visit the Jungle Safari at the Statue of Unity

Detailed Information

If you want to experience the mesmerizing view of picturesque wildlife, visit the jungle safari at Ekta Nagar. This geological park has various collections of exotic, unique, and indigenous birds and animals. It is located near the world’s tallest statue, “The Statue of Unity” and the famous “Sardar Sarovar Dam,” and covers 375 acres. It ranges through the elevation or altitude of 29- 180 meters at seven different levels On the Narmada River’s right bank.

Experience the attraction
You can tour the jingle safari and experience exciting and adventurous views of wildlife under the Statue of Unity package. This geological park has186+ fauna species and a vast collection of different types of biomes from Asia, America, Africa, and Australia. You can spot some endangered species of India, such as the Asiatic Lion, Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger, and other big cats. The perfectly planned and designed safari at this geological park helps you easily spot various animals, reptiles, and birds, watch their activity, and experience the whole wildlife properly.

Experience Exciting Features
You can explore and experience untouched and trail natural horizons on this safari. The view of animals and other creatures wandering in the open environment on this safari tour is the biggest highlight for tourists.

You can also tour Aviary and experience the views of unique indigenous birds, another tourist attraction. The best thing is any bars or cages will not obstruct your view of experiencing the wildlife as the safari takes you through the open environment. These dome-shaped aviaries are one of the giant domes in India.

This park has large enclosures specifically enriched to keep all the animals vigorous and active. Certain types of trees and plants are located, and landscaping is constructed per animals’ and birds’ original habitat, giving an organic feel to the park. So, you can experience all these excitements of this jungle safari using the Statue of Unity ticket.

Education purpose
You can learn about the biodiversity of the planets in this park and how the authority recreates those places according to the original habitat of different animals and birds.

One-On-One Experience
You can spot tigers and leopards and their elegant stride and listen to the exciting lion roar in this open environment. You can also encounter them One-On-One on this safari if you are lucky enough.

Spot Indian birds
You can tour the Fly High Aviary’s raised walkway and experience the mesmerizing views of beautiful and colorful birds such as Pelicans, Ibis, Fowl, Partridge, and many others.

Spot Exotic Birds
You can see various collections of exotic birds like Pheasants, Black Swans, Macaws, Cockatoos, Cape Crowned Crane, and more colorful birds from different parts of the world such as Australia, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia in this Park.

Spot Herbivores
You can see White Bucks, Black Bucks, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Chinkaras, Four Horned Antelopes, Blue Bulls, and many other herbivores in these.

Experience Natural Preservation
You can spot Zebra, Ostriches, Meer Cats, Wallabies, Giraffes, and emus from Africa, Australia, and other parts of the world, which is one the highlight of this wildlife experience.

This geological park is located near the massive statue in the world, a beautiful dam, and The Narmada tent city. The view of this jungle in the beautiful hills wills apple your eyes, and you can have the best wildlife experience on this jungle safari.