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Traveling is part of life. It can be for business, studies, or even leisure trips. Some people do domestic travels and some go abroad. Whatever be the reason traveling always involves some risks. Planning and expense are in your hand but the risks are out of control. Travel Insurance is a protective measure taken before starting your trip to mitigate the effects of any risks or unforeseen event which may occur while you travel. Travel Insurance covers you in case of events like loss or property and valuables, sudden health-related issues, accidents, or any such event in which you need financial help.

Key features of Travel Insurance Policies

  • Hospitalization and Medical Treatment Expenses: Medical Emergencies can occur anytime. The policy should cover for any medical expense occurring while travelling.
  • Coverage for the belongings: The policy should cover for the things you carry with while travelling.
  • Flight cover: In case of missed or cancelled flight due to any miss event the policy should cover up the expense incurred.
  • Luggage cover: In case of missing luggage or theft the policy should cover for the same.
  • Customized policies for senior citizens: The requirements of a senior citizen differs from that of general public so should be the policy
  • Policy for frequent travellers: To avoid the hassle of getting insurance every time you travel.

TATA AIG Travel Insurance.

One of the leading names in the market of Travel Insurance in India, Tata AIG Insurance is serving the Indian market for more than two decades. Tata AIG is a joint venture between TATA group and an American Insurance company AIG. Hence, TATA AIG.

Tata AIG is always committed to make your travel trouble free so that you can bring back home some happy memories with you. Its comprehensive policies are extensively designed to cater all the travel related expenses which may occur as a part of miss event and emergency.

Below are the types and benefits of Travel Insurance provided by Tata AIG.

  • International Travel InsuranceThe policy is designed for the people who are an international traveller. The policy covers following benefits.
    • Theft or loss of passport and baggage.
    • Delay and cancellation of flights.
    • Cover for the loss of payment cards
    • Extensive medical expenditure including transport back to India.

The policy covers for travellers from age of 6 and above. They also have a customized policy for people who are frequent travellers.

  • Domestic Travel InsuranceThe policy can be taken by people who travel within the geometrical boundaries of India.

    Key benefits:

    • Travel reimbursements in case of delay or cancellation of flight.
    • Medical benefits are also included in case of hospitalization.

There is also an option for Multi Trip policy in which you are covered for an entire year no matter how many times you travel.

  • Student Travel Insurance: The policy is designed especially for students who travel abroad for studies.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: The policy is exclusively tailored to cater the needs of senior citizens. The policy includes extensive medical covers like dental, medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains.

There are several other features which make TATA AIG stand out of crowd and the most important thing is Trust that comes with the name TATA.

Reliance Travel Insurance

Reliance Travel Insurance is provided to you by Reliance General Insurance a part of Reliance Industries.

Types of Reliance Travel Insurance

  • Solo and family trip Insurance
  • Student Travel Insurance
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  • Insurance for frequent Travellers.

Key features of Reliance Travel Insurance

  • Country specific plans
  • Instant policy approval
  • No Pre medical check up
  • Facility of cashless hospitalization all over the world.

There are four types of plans in each category: Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The plans are categorized according to the coverage they provide. The platinum is the best policy the company has to offer. It gives you a medical cover of 500,000 USD for solo trips. It also includes other benefits like loss of baggage and passport, trip delay and cancellation, compassionate visit and also home protection from burglary while you are away.

Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance

Policy Bazaar itself isn’t an Insurance provider but makes sure you get the best policy in the market which suits your needs. A decade ago there was chaos in the Insurance Market. Due to lack of information people ended up buying policies which didn’t fulfill their purpose and finally surrendering it. Policy Bazaar however came into existence and the problem was solved.

Policy bazaar helps you compare the Travel Insurance policies provided by different companies, calculate their premium and even buy them. Policy Bazaar has tied ups with the Insurance Company brokers and collects information directly from the insurer and provides it to you according to your needs.


Travel Insurance covers you for all the unforeseen adversities. No matter where you travel, domestic or international, travel insurance policy from a trusted insurance company will never let you feel alone while you travel in an unknown territory. You can have all the peace of mind and enjoy our trip or focus on your work without worrying about a thing. Reliance and TATA both are amongst the best Insurance providers in India. You can choose any one of them according to your needs.

If you still have further queries and doubts you can easily visit Policy Bazaar online or get in touch with any of their customer care executives. They will make sure you get the best policy at the best price.