Part — 1 | Overview of Godaddy API | Godaddy Domains API in PHP

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Part — 1 | Overview of Godaddy API | Godaddy Domains API in PHP

Recently, I have been trying different things with posting area names available to be purchased from my GoDaddy account utilizing Sedo, one of the space business’ biggest commercial centers for purchasing and selling areas.

Script automation and database integration won’t be covered in this tutorial, but you can likely search the web for a few simple tutorials on automating PHP and MySQL database integration.

First things first, let’s discuss what you’ll need to start this tutorial. If you’re new to using GoDaddy’s Developer Portal and API, then I recommend perusing the following documentation:

GoDaddy Developer Portal
GoDaddy API Credentials
GoDaddy API Documentation

We will learn how to setup GoDaddy API?

You can see the video on the YouTube platform

GitHub Source Code