IBI Global Research Solutions

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IBI is your one-stop solution for conducting world-class market research activities. IBI is one of the most renowned and celebrated names in the market research industry globally. IBI is well-known for providing exceptional research methodologies including CAPI, CATI, PAPI, Lead Generation, in-depth interviews, and online panels to only name a few for all B2B and B2C companies around the world. At IBI, we take pride in offering innovative research and strategy services, with a unique and more realistic approach to survey programming. The sole driving idea at IBI is to offer insights that thrive your business towards path-breaking innovation and growth with every survey. There is a very thin line of difference between companies that stand out amidst the competition and companies that almost get there. IBI is what draws that line. We are here to bridge the gap between what your customers want and what you provide and that too with phenomenal research tactics. Precision is what drives everything at IBI. It is at the heart of what we do because all your research initiatives deserve real-time essence and precision. That is the reason that we have accurately served in-house CAPI and CATI panels, assigned to a team of passionate peers best known and celebrated for their coordination, and to top everything off – led by a veteran leader. Also, IBI is renowned for facilitating efficient and effective PAPI avenues for companies to derive the best transformational data from their audience. Innovation with realistic insights might not be as groundbreaking as otherwise. Let’s collaborate to make some revolutionizing changes in your industry and change that landscape forever.

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