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No look is complete without the perfect pair of eyelashes. Inspired by our love for vintage icons, we bring you an alluring collection of False Eyelashes for every occasion. Ethically crafted, luxurious and vegan blended together with the volume and light weight of human hair fiber to create the perfect pair of lashes. Use them as single strips or mix and match them together to create a unique combination that defines your personality. Make a subtle statement or create a dramatic move, do it all with the Best False Natural Eyelashes from Glance Cosmetics.

If you regularly buy false eyelashes online, you must have noticed that most brands use Mink Hair to create their product. But not us! We love minks and that’s why we source human hair fiber, treat it and then convert it into natural looking false eyelashes.

When you shop from Glance Cosmetics, our promise is to deliver to you quality False Eyelashes that you can flaunt at every occasion. And all our products are not just beautifully voluminous but are also extremely safe for your skin too. This product is for every woman that wants to add to her beauty without compromising on her comfort. With this product, developed by Glance Cosmetics in UAE, we offer you lasting comfort and caliber unlike any other.

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